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Operations & Supply Chain Management

A Bright Career Path in Operations & Supply Chain Management

Although a job in logistics or supply chain may not be the obvious choice when you plan your career in retail, the growing e-commerce sector has now brought a lot of great challenges and opportunities for talented post-graduates. Thinking of pursuing your PGDM in operations and supply chain management? You could be headed towards a winning career opportunity and a prosperous future.

Every industry needs procurement, storage, and dispatch of goods. The efficient and effective management of these functions is important in the current competitive marketplace. Today, anyone equipped with integrated knowledge and comprehensive skills for logistics and supply chain management is in high demand.

Each and every retail organisation has a supply chain – some might be local, some national, and some global. With the right expertise in operations and supply chain management, you can ensure a satisfied customer in a timely as well as cost-effective manner.

Why You Need a PGDM in Operations and Supply Chain Management?

While jobs in logistics and supply chain are open for graduates, the demand is gradually shifting towards post-graduates who have a specific skill-set for the job. If you earn a PGDM in a particular niche, your resume will always supersede the other graduates from different verticals. Also, when you spend 2 years completely learning about the processes in the supply chain, how to make operations smoother, reducing costs in logistics, and more, you are an asset to your company. During your PGDM Courses, you also get an opportunity to take up internships, live projects, workshops, and case studies which give you the hands-on knowledge and teach you real skills that you can implement on the job.

What Skills Will You Require?

Are you an inquisitive person? Do you have a desire to understand particular patterns and trends in a set of data? Problem-solving, negotiation, forecasting, modelling, simulation and the skill to constantly think on your feet in spite of work pressures are highly appreciated in this industry. You should also have sound technical knowledge along with the ability to explain technical terms to the non-technical people in your team. Try to understand the pros and cons of internet shopping, think of ways to grow e-retail, and constantly work on your soft skills and communication to land your dream job!

What are the Career Opportunities in the Field?

There are plenty of varied career options for someone who completes their PGDM in Operations and Supply Chain Management. You can get a job with a third-party logistics company, work in a retailer or a supermarket chain, or even join a consultancy service. Some of the key roles you can take up include:

 ■ Purchasing Manager
 ■ Distribution Manager
 ■ Supply Chain Design and Planning Manager
 ■ Warehouse Design and Management
 ■ Inventory Management
 ■ Designing and Planning - Distribution Network Manager
 ■ Supply Chain Consultant
 ■ Logistics Manager
 ■ Corporate Operations Manager
 ■ Process Engineer
 ■ Logistics Analyst
 ■ Facilities Manager
 ■ Transportation Manager

IIMS is one of the premier institutions in Pune offering PGDM in various specializations. If supply chain and logistics is something of your interest, you can apply to the college for a life-changing post-graduate course. And look forward to working with some of the top companies who have revolutionized supply chain management like Walmart, Amazon, DHL, and more. Admissions 2020 are open!