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We bring you the top 5 reasons to Choose International Business for your PGDM:

1. Gain a Competitive Edge in the Market

With the rapidly evolving technology and convergence of the world, our economy is indeed global. In such a scenario, companies are looking for employees who have the skills and expertise to navigate through international waters so that they can grow their business in foreign soil. With your PGDM in IB, you’ll gain a global business management perspective which will shine on your resume.

2. Travel the World, Learn New Skills

Most PGDM programs encourage an overseas internship or ask you to learn at least one foreign language during your course. This opens up new horizons for you. Not to mention, you have an opportunity to get placed in a company with a global presence and can easily travel the world – a lot!

3. Explore the Bigger Picture of the Business World

Rather than working in a local company and dealing with local customers, there’s always more exposure in a global scenario. You get to learn about different cultures, geographies, and markets, widening your knowledge of the international business. As a result, your solutions for challenges will be more open-minded and creative for your company.

4. Leverage Mastering More Corporate Skills

While all PGDM programs will give you a basic understanding of business functions like marketing, HR, operations, analytics, accounts, management, and economies, IB courses add a little more to the curriculum. You also get to learn about cross-cultural organization behaviour, international trade, global marketing, economies of world behaviour, and so much more.

5. Celebrate Greater Career Opportunities

After completing your PGDM in International Business, you will have a plethora of career opportunities waiting for you in domestic and international markets. Students can work in both, private and public sectors in various sectors like financial institutions, logistics, foreign exchange, international law, international trade, investment companies, international business consultancies, export and import companies, and much more. You can also work in cargo, airlines and international shipping companies.

Roles you can Pursue after your Course:

 ■ International Marketing Manager / Digital Marketing Manager
 ■ International Finance Manager
 ■ Global Business Manager / Digital Business Manager
 ■ Export Coordinator
 ■ International Brand Manager / International Communication Specialist
 ■ Material and Supplier Manager
 ■ Investment Banking Manager
 ■ Overseas Business Consultant
 ■ International Public Relations Manager
 ■ Chief HR Officer for Asia/Europe/Global
 ■ Risk and Opportunity Analyst
 ■ Security Analyst
 ■ Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics Expert
 ■ Fintech Consultant

Sounds promising? Take the first step by applying to IIMS for PGDM in International Business. The college offers an IB super specialization for interested students and maximizes your potential to excel in the business world.

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