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5 Ways in Which Management Skills Can Increase Your Chances of Landing Your Dream Job


Want to move up the management career ladder? The corporate world brings countless opportunities to experts who can master certain management skills like leadership, communication, strategic thinking, forward planning, and problem-solving/decision-making. In order to make your hiring manager happy and with time, get promoted in your company, you need to constantly work on your management skills. There are many ways you can focus on sharpening these skills, but the first step is often getting the right training from a reputed institute.

PGDM courses are known to instil various management skills amidst their students. Right from the very first day, students are faced with challenges like team assignments, projects, case studies, workshops, etc. that help them build certain skill-sets and master them during every project. Remember, for a company, your management skills are an asset at every stage. They help you relate with your co-workers, deal with your subordinates, and encourage your team for optimum performance. This ensures easy flow of activities and better results in the organization.

Good managers are good leaders, listeners, decision-makers, and use all their skills interchangeably. Here are the top 5 ways in which you can move closer to your dream job.

1. Excel in Forward Planning & Strategic Thinking

Planning is one of the most important aspects of an organization to use all the available resources like capital, labour, and time for certain activities. You need to strategize the best use of every resource, identify and set achievable goals, and outline the method to accomplish your objectives. Without planning and strategies, very little can be achieved in a corporate setting. With these skills on your resume, you become attractive to prospective employers because they’re constantly looking for someone who can make and execute the best-laid plans.

2. Master all Forms of Communication

A good manager must be a good communicator. This will determine how well you share information with your team and your clients in the future. Good communication is often the foundation of how successful an organization can be. You must be well-equipped with different types of communication – formal, informal, verbal, written, vertical, horizontal, and non-verbal for the smooth functioning of the company. Start practising your communication skills in college itself to ensure you can showcase them during your placements.

3. Be a Pro in Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

In a managerial position, you’ll be expected to spot and resolve problems on a daily basis. Not to mention, you’ll have to make various decisions that impact your role, company, and your customers. Things you should focus on to build these skills – ability to remain calm under pressure, giving lots of attention to details, honing your research skills, and practising creative thinking to come up with innovative solutions for every problem. Start thinking on your feet and quickly weigh the pros and cons of any situation to make informed decisions.

4. Learn the Art of Delegation

Do you want to do all your group assignments by yourself? Have trouble delegating tasks to your college mates? Time to practice this managerial skill to land your dream job. You should effectively and efficiently assign tasks and give authority to the right team members for the smooth functioning of any business. This ensures quick and optimal results and productivity, too. Your college is the best place to practice delegation.

5. Never Underestimate the Power of Motivation

The best leaders and managers are those who can motivate their team members or stakeholders. There are various tactics you can use to motivate others, depending on the situation and expected results. Choosing the right kind of motivation as per the company’s culture and team’s personalities can go a long way. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are the most popular forms of motivation in a business environment.

With these management skills, you will be able to stand out from other candidates when applying for your dream job. Get a head start on your managerial skills by applying for PGDM at IIMS.

Every day at IIMS focuses on polishing your management skills so that you’re prepared for a remarkable career in the corporate world.