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Decide the Right PGDM Specialization

When you enrol for a PGDM program in a top B-school, it’s natural to be nervous and overwhelmed with the entire experience. There are many new things to learn and many choices to make. One of the most important ones is to choose your PGDM specializations. Although the first year of PGDM involves learning all the subjects, you need to choose a specialization for your second year. Most PGDM programs teach all the foundation subjects and basics in the first year and then offer an in-depth insight into your particular specialization. This can include marketing, finance, HR, international business, retail, business analytics, operations and supply chain management, and more.

Here’s how you can choose from the top PGDM Specializations:

1. Marketing

This is one of the most popular PGDM programs, known for its high-paying jobs and creative and innovative skill-set requirements. After completing the course, you can work in an advertising agency, a corporate company’s marketing department, a digital marketing company, or in the sales team. This specialization is ideal for aspirations who are ambitious, outgoing, and have a unique ability to solve problems with creative solutions.

2. HR

Human Resources help manage the resources in an organizational structure. This is a perfect PGDM specialization for someone who has great people skills and wants to help companies utilize their personnel to their optimum levels. HR is one of the most integral part of most organizations and is developing at a phenomenal pace.

3. Finance

If you’re good with numbers and have a liking towards the finance and banking industry, this is the perfect specialization for you. One of the best parts of choosing finance is that there are various high-paying jobs in most industries for finance experts. You can aspire to become a CFO and help companies make more profits in the future!

4. Business Analytics

Every business depends on data and analysis to move forward. If you have good research and analytical skills, you can consider choosing this specialization in your PGDM program. You will learn a lot about science, statistics, research, and technology as you will develop the skills to deal with the quantitative analytics of a business.

5. Operations & Supply Chain Management

Productivity is the key to success for every business. In order to improve productivity and operations, businesses look for managers who can plan, strategize, and execute the main tasks in a business. You learn how to run an organization, how to optimize the supply chain, how to minimize costs and maximize profits, etc. If you like a challenging role, you can surely take up this specialization.

6. International Business

This specialization teaches you everything from adhering to international business practices and global laws, import and export, managing business operations on a global level, connecting with international customers, and more. If you like to travel and want a career that takes you places, this is a great choice.

7. Retail

Learn the analytical tools and techniques to help the retail industry flourish. With a PGDM Retail specialization, you can easily secure a job in one of the top retail companies and help them grow, multiply, and excel in the market. If you have great shopping and negotiation skills with an interest in the retail industry, go for this course!

IIMS Pune offers various PGDM specializations for students with different aptitudes. Make sure you choose a course based on your interest levels and liking, and not just on the job opportunities. Remember, if you really like what you do, you can even achieve the impossible. No matter which specialization you choose, you can find some great jobs in the industry through campus placements at IIMS.

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